Georgetown Community Television

Comcast Channel 9, Verizon Channel 42

This page is no longer maintained

To visit our new website, click here.

Highlights of the new site:

  • It looks and works much, much better
  • Live video with a guide to what's on now and coming up next!
  • Up to a week's worth of schedule
  • Community bulletins
  • New easy to use advanced show search
    • Fixed: the old search on this page
      is limited to the first 50 results
  • Show details including upcoming/additional playback times
    • click on the show title in the search
      results or in the schedule
  • Resources available to the community & how you can get involved
  • Information about us, requesting replays, and buying DVDs

If you are interested in web standards, you will be pleased to note that the new site is fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant

The new website is at